The State Portrait Project 2022

Created by the British Monarchists Society (BMS) and spearheaded by Joy Morrissey MP, Core Patron of the BMS with the support of various other Members of Parliament, this campaign has been devised for all households within the United Kingdom to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee in 2022. Following a similar scheme already in operation within both  the outline provided by Australia and Canada, the British Monarchists Society has created a hybrid scheme which will allow a free portrait to be downloaded at no expense. Should a printed version of the State Portrait of Her Majesty be desired, then the cost of the print, plus Postage & Packaging will be the responsibility of the buyer.

 The Scheme: The scheme outlined by the British Monarchists Society (BMS) which needs to be fine tuned and garner approvals, sees a hybrid model between both the Australian and Canadian schemes already in operation, allowing UK citizens to choose from a free download such as Canada offers or a physical printed portrait that would incur a nominal cost plus p&p for the applicant wanting such a portrait, similar to what Australia. In looking to model a successful campaign after those tried and tested as successful within the Realms, the Governor General’s Office in Canada has been contacted for guidance as to how their programme is operated. The state portrait project is modelled on the schemes already operating within Australia and Canada. We are looking to offer a free download such as Canada provides its citizens as well as a physical print which would be available for a nominal few plus p&p similar to what Australia Australia has going.

The planning of this programme is in its initial stages, but is to be modelled after similar programmes in operation in Her Majesty’s Realms such as in Australia, and until recently Canada. Joy, who has been a proud Paton of the British Monarchists Society sees a need within the nation to celebrate “Britishness”, along with the heritage and traditions of  our great nation. By issuing a State Portrait through application across the country, we hope to build awareness of The Crown, respect for the dedicated years of service Her Majesty has provided, and to further advance the causes of pride and unity under the banner of our Monarch. The programme is in its infancy with a lot of work and permissions to be completed, however there will be little to no expense for the taxpayer or general public, should they desire to download the free version of the State Portrait.  The application process will be fairly easy and using electronic means, to which a British registered address must be used and correspond to the individual requesting the portrait. There will be a limit of one per household. This programme would be conducted by application only and is modelled after the programmes already up and running in Realms such as in Australia and Canada. Schools, Academies, Colleges, Universities, companies etc can also apply through application as well.
We are still outlining the programme and will be taking the next steps necessary to officially create and operate this initiative in time for Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022. This may be further discussions with the Platinum Jubilee APPG, The Government and/or The Palace, but such an initiative would be a great way for the nation to celebrate Her Majesty and the place she holds at the heart of our great nation. 
Reason: This project is to allow people to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of her Majesty at home with a portrait available to be privately displayed. The scheme, if proven popular, would be able to be extended, such as in the case of Australia and Canada, providing a perpetual ability for citizens to acquire a portrait of Her Majesty as Head of State. 
The BMS had a scheme outlined and ready to go, who spoke with Joy as a Patron and they decided to work together on this campaign. In response to the controversial decision of Magdalen College students to remove a portrait of Her Majesty, The Queen, Joy Morrissey MP is both pleased and excited to announce that she along with, and as a Patron of the British Monarchists Society, have devised a programme which will provide a Head of State portrait of Her Majesty to each household, institution, and company that would like one. As more information becomes available, Joy Morrisey MP will happily be making updates and keeping her constituency informed as to this national programme and its advancements. Joy is proud of her association with the British Monarchists Society and would like to thank the organisation for bringing this campaign of theirs to her attention. Together with the British Monarchists Society, Joy looks forward to making a difference for this nation on behalf of Crown and Country.