The general public is invited and encouraged to donate to this rare celebration by donating towards the creation and upkeep of The Jubilee Statue 2022 by making a contribution to the Jubilee Statue 2022 Trust. By making a donation towards The Jubilee Statue, each and every individual member of the public will not only be witness to history in the making, but will be directly responsible for helping to make this project a reality through their donation. Making a donation to the Jubilee Statue 2022 allows each donor to belong to the world-wide celebration of Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee – a never before celebrated Royal Milestone.

Members of the public can make a donation in any denomination, however the following donation amounts will receive the following:

  • £5 – Name of donor registered on the Jubilee Statue 2022 website.
  • £10 – Above plus an Official Donation Certificate (PDF). 
  • £15 – Above plus an Official celebratory wristband.
  • £25 – Above plus an Official celebratory lapel badge (pin).
  • £50 – Above plus an Official printed and stamped Donation Certificate.
  • £100 – Above plus an Official limited edition photo of the Jubilee Statue 2022. 
  • £150 – Above plus membership in the British Monarchists Society.
  • £250 – Above plus an Official Limited edition signed print of the Jubilee Statue 2022 rendering by the Royal Sculptor.
  • £1,000 – Above plus an invitation to the launch event at The Dorchester Hotel, London. 
  • £2,500 – Above plus an official limited edition maquette of the statue.
  • £5,000 – Above plus donor’s name on the base of the Jubilee Statue 2022.
  • £6,000+ Please contact the Jubilee Statue 2022 Trust for further options and inclusions.